After week-long preparations for attendance at the International Practice Firm Fair in Vienna, FATAGO was not able to go because the number of attendees was restricted. Resourceful students and teachers of the 4BK quickly modified their concept into a plan B. Since the Marketing Department had already created a complete concept and constructed a stand, they decided to hold their own fair within the school.

On 15 March, six classes of HAK/HAS Tulln enjoyed guided tours through the training firm conducted by Christoph Leydolf and Anna Kiermayr. Furthermore, they experienced the purchasing process, getting involved in sales talks with Niclas Fabian, Jessica Kaltenböck, Alina Wolf and Irina Meser. All customers were treated to a sweet surprise by FATAGO and invited to take part in a draw to win a whole package of Weltladen chocolates. Congratulations to Laura Niksic, the lucky winner from the 3AK! According to Irina Meser, who monitored stock levels, a total of 3 items per visitor were sold and the most popular product was Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Shorty. All in all, plan B was a great success, though somewhat stressful, and it showed FATAGO's employees how important the training firm is in real life.